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In 1985, two independent CPA general practitioners, Frank L. Altieri and James A. Wise, joined together to form the firm of Altieri & Wise, P.C.  Each had over 20 years of experience as a practicing Certified Public Accountant.  The merger was a natural development for the two who could offer complementary coverage to their clients and formed the nucleus from which the firm’s growth has continued. During November 2001 Mr. Altieri died, resulting in the successor firm of James A. Wise, C.P.A.

Since most small and mid size businesses can’t afford in-house professional staff, we try to be the small businessman’s accounting and financial department. We try to do whatever it takes to provide the necessary services to meet each client’s needs as their CPA. We want clients to think they are the only customer of our Firm.  This translates into a trust relationship, which is a major part of how we present a total solution to accounting, financial and tax planning needs.


From the beginning we have remained a general accounting and auditing practice providing basic professional monthly, quarterly and yearly accounting and tax services to handle the simple “write-up financial statements” to the more involved “audited financial statements”.



Area of Practice


Compiled Financial Statements

Reviewed Financial Statements

Audited Financial Statements

Tax Preparation for business

Tax Preparation for individuals

Tax Planning

Financial Forecasting

Financial Analysis for business

Financial Analysis for individuals

Support Litigation

Financial Planning Equity building

Financial Planning Retirement

Financial Planning Loan packages


Industries serviced



Refined petroleum brokers

Steel pipe sales & distribution



Security agency


Insurance agencies

Machine shop - gundrilling

Employment agency

Non-profit organizations







Practices in the areas of general accounting (including compilation, review and audit services) and tax preparation.  Mr. Wise received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona in 1971.

He was licensed as a CPA for Texas in 1976


Additional Certification

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for the quality review on accounting and auditing services has approved the Firm.


Meeting the Change:

Our individual client’s needs change as each client matures and their financial needs change, this puts a demand on us to provide varied services. This is why the Firm provides Compilation, Review and Audited financial statements.  As client needs change so we must provide services to meet their needs.  We must be versatile enough to meet their changing financial and tax planning goals.







11811 North Freeway, Suite190  Houston, TX 77060

(281) 820-1560 · Fax (281) 820-1748

Email: jawise@jameswisecpa.com

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